The Best Places to go Kayak Fishing in the US

November 17, 2015

Kayaking on devils river in texas

Fishing gets interesting if the sight is picturesque enough to hold your gaze and make you feel close to the nature. Boring lake with no scenic landscape makes a trip tiresome, and there are no laudable memories that you can bring back home with you. To assist you with the best places in America for kayak fishing, we have gathered a list of places that are full of fishery spots for anglers.

Devils River in Texas

Let us start our list with a spot that is heaven for experienced paddlers and fishers. People who like to be adventurous by going out in the wild and spend time in an isolated spot should give this site a try. Those, who are inexperienced and need premium accommodation, should not put Devils River in their wish list, as the Texas Parks and Wildlife itself suggested this place as a “strenuous” one, which can be enjoyed by skilled paddlers only who are brave and skilled enough to survive out in the wild.

Chesapeake Bay in Virginia

Kayaking in Chesapeake Bay

Covering almost 4,500 square miles of water, which is even bigger than the Rhode Island, Chesapeake Bay provides tremendous kayak angling spots for fishers almost every day. Shoreline is spread 11,684 miles with three Bay areas that are crammed with fishes like togs (hard to catch fish found in rock piles and wrecks), bull reds, stripers and many more species flocked around the bay.  

Indian River Lagoon in Florida

Kayaking in indian River lagoon

Going for saltwater kayak fishing is always fun as it is tough and need uphill struggle. Fishers who are living near Florida should probably visit Indiana River Lagoon to get an experience of a lifetime. On the east coast of Florida, fishes like speckled trout, redfish, and tarpon are always there to welcome you. All year around, you can find campsites with beautiful attractions surrounding the sea, which are signs that this place is always open for everyone.

Deer Creek Conservation Area in Maryland

Kayaking in Deer Creek Conservation Area

If you are a starter and looking for a spot where you can enjoy fishing as well as relax among the serene water, then Deer Creek conservation area is the best choice for you. Streaming with fishes like largemouth bass, trout, and other common species, this clear water experience is risk-free and can be achieved on kayaks

Lake Guntersville in Alabama

Kayaking on Lake Guntersville in Alabama

Being the largest lake in the state, covering 69,000 acres of water and, Lake Guntersville is what they call as the “big bass” fishery in the state of Alabama. It is a part of Tennessee Valley Authority, therefore it is always a plus if you check lake level and its release before heading out on a trip of fishing. This area provides camping, launch sites, and many other facilities, but trained fishers can always find better range of fishes in areas that have fewer travelers.

Kona Coast in Hawaii

Kayaking on Kona Coast in Hawaii

Another spot which is productive for experienced paddlers is Kona Coast in Hawaii, which is packed with beautiful sights. Enjoy Grey snappers and huge tuna in this area, but always come prepared as it is surrounded by tiger sharks that are hard to get away with. That is why this spot can be more enjoyed by skilled paddlers than beginners.

Shelter Cove in California

Kayaking in Shelter Cove in California

Hosting the Gimme Shelter Tournament every May, Shelter Cove is claimed to be one of the excellent fishing destinations in California. The rip currents, cold water, and sneaker waves might add a little struggle to your fishing day out, but it nonetheless provides great experience. Salmon, Albacore, halibut, and ling and rock cod are few of the delicious fishes that can be found in this region.

Columbia River in Oregon/ Washington

Kayaking on Columbia River in Oregon

Found in between Northern Oregon and Southern Washington, Columbia River is spread across 300,000 acres with staggering sceneries surrounding it. To visit this spot, you need to get Columbia River Basin endorsement on your fishing license to enjoy a day out full of amazing fishing experiences. Salmon, Sockeye, Steelhead, Coho, and Chinook are few of the many species that are scattered under the water of Columbia River. This is a place that can be enjoyed by both skilled and newbie paddlers.


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