Best Kayak Outriggers

by Richard Dravick

April 23, 2018

Best kayak outriggers

Kayak Outriggers, What Are They?

It’s finally the beach season... and everybody’s going to be outdoors and in the water. Which also means, it’s going to be kayaking time! Have you brought your kayak? Have you fine-tuned your kayak outrigger? Or maybe the better questions is: do you actually own one?

If you’re a newbie kayaker and want to learn how to brave the waters confidently, the next thing you should do is buy a kayak outrigger. Outriggers are basically “framework” supporting floaters that are extended on either side of a kayak to improve its stability.

Outriggers usually come in sets of two and are often mounted at the rear. They give your vessel support by increasing its buoyancy allowing you to enjoy water activities without fear of tipping over. Outriggers transform your kayak into a stable platform where you can do many things including fishing, or sunbathing.

The Benefits of Owning a Kayak Outrigger:

Just like toddlers have walkers, kayaks have outriggers; let’s just say they’re like training wheels for kayaks. Basically, people who are nervous or uncomfortable about riding a kayak can use outriggers to help them stabilize their rides. Here are some of the ways a kayak outrigger can help you level up your paddling skills much faster.

1. Transforms your kayak into an untippable platform.

Kayaking in unpredictable weather? Use an outrigger to prevent your kayak from tipping in large waves that can knock your kayak upside down.

2. Allows You To Stand Confidently.

With an outrigger, you can easily stand up on your kayak. This is good for paddlers who love fishing. Or for marine life photographers who need to use a kayak to reach their elusive subjects.

3. Makes it easy to bring your child/pet aboard.

With more stability, you can safely take your child or pet on your next fishing trip without having to worry about the kayak tipping over.

4. Transform your kayak into a versatile vessel.

If you own a recreational kayak, you can turn it into a fishing kayak with the help of an outrigger.

Top 3 Best Kayak Outriggers:

We have rated and reviewed the best kayak outriggers currently on the market to help save you time and make your search easier!

1. Scotty Kayak Stabilizers:

Scotty Kayak Outriggers

Improve your kayak’s stability and performance with Scotty’s highly recommended stabilizer, the No. 302 Scotty Kayak Stabilizer. Made with durable inflatable bladders, it can give your vessel over 30 pounds of extra buoyancy. This makes your kayak more stable - no more flipping even in rough waters.

No need to worry about installing the outrigger, the product is designed with an easy-install and removal function. The inflatable bladders can be inflated in a few minutes making it convenient if you’re going kayaking in hard to reach places. The outriggers pontoon are made of high-quality PVC with a thick outer shell. Purchase includes 2 inflatable pontoons, 2 anodized arms with Scotty posts, 4 side/deck mounts, and 2 baitcasters/holders. Once attached it will provide your kayak an additional 30 lbs pounds of buoyancy and improve your craft’s maneuverability and control.

2. Hobie SideKick Ama Kit

Hobie Fishing Kayak Outriggers

Made by Hobie, arguably the world’s best kayak brand, the Hobie Sidekick Ama Kit is a durable stabilizer/outrigger for your kayak. This outrigger can do wonders for you whenever you need to go out in rough waters, fishing, or shooting photos on your kayak.

With a very easy installation process, rest assured that you can get this kit up and running in less than 10 minutes. Because of its lightweight body (it weighs less than five pounds), it’s easy to transport and install. The outrigger comes with 2 inflatable floats that can easily be inflated using one-way valves, in can also be easily deflated by unscrewing the valve caps. It can also be adjusted in high, medium, or low positions with a simple “click-twist-click” manner. It’s currently available in light gray and dark green. 

3. Brocraft Kayak Outrigger/Stabilizer System

Brocraft Kayak Stablizers
Get the best out of your kayaking experience with Brocraft’s Kayak Outrigger/Stabilizer Two Power-lock Rod Holder. It comes with two power-lock rod holder, 32” long aluminum outrigger arms attached to your kayak and durable molded PVC floats. It has 2 PVC floaters, 2 32” anodized arms with lock posts, 2 Brocraft aspect/desk mounts, and one power lock holders for mounting hardware.

It’s currently only available in one color: yellow. With Brocraft’s Kayak Outrigger you can enjoy a high-level of stability to your vessel in lots of water environment. You can stand up to spot fish, kayak recreationally, or paddle confidently through rough waters.
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Final Thoughts:

Going kayak fishing can be a great way to enjoy nature and explore new places at the same time. The above outriggers can help ensure your kayak is stable in almost any water condition and when bringing in that prize winning fish! These outriggers fit a variety of budgets and we hope you have the information you need to selet the perfect kayak outrigger for you.

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