Fissot MFK003 Modular Fishing Kayak Review

May 1, 2018

Fissot fishing kayak review

The Fissot Fishing Kayak is an ingenious watercraft that is motorized allowing you to get to your fishing spots quicker with less effort. This kayak has been around for a few years with many considering it as a fisherman’s dream. But is it all hype or a genuine good deal?

Construction and Design:

The Fissot fishing kayak is a prime example of comfort and stability. It is designed and tested to fulfill the demands of the avid fisher. This model is built with expert craftsmanship bringing you a motorized kayak which is unlike the traditional designs that require you to paddle to and back from your favorite fishing spots potentially leaving you too tired to fish for very long.

With this model, you have a kayak with a 480W electric motor powered by a 55-60AH battery. It’s pretty fast as it can get up to 7.5 miles per hour. Being an electric motor, you will not be carrying any fuel on the kayak making this not only a cheaper alternative to a gasoline motor but also safer.

Better still, it comes with a stand-up design so that you can stand while fishing if you want; this helps keep stress off your lower back. You will only stand when angling. With the retractable stabilizer, it doesn’t matter what size of fish your lure catches as you will have the energy and stability to reel it in.

What about the Hull?

The word plastic has been used to describe this kayak. Some of us might be inclined to think it’s a low-quality model with a high price. But in an industry where plastic is the standard material we can tell Fissot has done a pretty job with the body molded out of hi-quality commercial grade plastic; keeping the weight down.

MFK003 Modular Fishing Kayak Review

This kayak is constructed from polypropylene. This is a plastic that is considered to be highly durable with lots of advantages especially in the creation of kayaks. It gives this kayak the element of being chemical and thermal resistance meaning it will not degrade easily from exposure to the outdoor elements ensuring you will be able to enjoy this kayak for many years to come.

The hull is 11ft. long putting this kayak in the shorter category. Due to its short length this is a one-person kayak providing you with stability and self-propulsion for an exciting day out on the water. We like that it weighs only 61.7 pounds and the motor 40 pounds, yet it can accommodate persons and gear of up to 550 pounds. You now have the chance to bring almost every piece of fishing tackle that you will need to help give you the best chance of catching fish.

The motor offers additional stability as it adds weight to the frame. Nevertheless, we can say this kayak is still on the lighter side considering it has a motor.

Large Cockpit and Efficient Controls:

Looking at the cockpit area, this kayak is structured in a sit-on-top design to provide you with ample room for comfortable sitting. It has enough space where you can store personal items at arm’s reach as well.

You have five speeds to choose from so that you can get to a particular spot faster or take your time enjoying the weather and open water as you cruise slowly at your desired speed. The controls are right at your sides, so they are reachable without fuss. You also have a rudder control system which will come in handy when you are going through rough waters as it will keep your kayak tracking straight.

Unique Features:

The first thing you notice about this kayak is the side wings. These are the stabilizers that provide extra balance so that you can stand and fish without worrying about destabilizing the kayak and flipping it. You will love that they are retractable so that it can still attain the long, streamlined shape typical of a kayak.

When you open these wings, you can move from one side of the kayak to the other especially when using two fishing rods. The stand-up support will give you confidence to stand up even if you are just enjoying the scenery.

Fissot kayak


It’s on a rare occasion that you find a sot fishing kayak which is motorized. The Fissot kayak gives you hands-free enjoyment as you will be using foot pedals to control it. Because of the continuous motion, you will be able to pick up speed and control the kayak as needed. The battery on this kayak is stored in a waterproof box. It will give you around three hours of battery power, but this does not mean you will be stuck out in open water. It comes with a paddle to facilitate paddling when the battery power is out or when you just want to get more exercise.

But since you won’t be using the motor all the time, the battery power is enough for most expeditions.

Built with Fishermen in Mind:

Fissot kayak unique features

The Fissot Modular has exciting features that will appeal to all kayak fishermen. You will have three-rod holders for your fishing rods safekeeping. Two of the holders are located at the front while the other is at the back.

Apart from the rod holders, you get to use convenient storage compartments. These hatches are essential for storing fish since they are waterproof and you can put a cooler bag to store the fish. They are not only good for fish storage seeing that you can bring your phone and store it in the dry compartments at the front of the kayak.

What we did not like:

The Fissot Modular MFK003 is an incredible folding kayak, but nothing is without its faults. We find that it has many adjustable parts which can affect the performance of the kayak in the long run. Also, you will be making a larger purchase as it comes at a higher price than other fishing kayaks on the market because it comes with a motor so if your number one concern is cost then this may not be the kayak for you.

Final Thoughts:

The Fissot MFK003 is without a doubt an innovative product. It stretches the possibilities of kayaking and fishing to another level. This allows you to use this kayak for recreational and fishing excursions. The self-propulsion and side wings are exciting features that add to the enjoyment of being out on the water.

Having a wholesome kayaking experience is what this kayak is all about. You can now stretch your limits using this one of a kind Fissot fishing kayak.

5/5 (1 Review)

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