Malibu Kayaks X-Caliber Fish and Dive Kayak Review

November 17, 2015

Malibu Kayaks X-Caliber Fish and Dive Kayak review

Are you an avid fan of kayaking? Or do you feel your life has been moving around a monotonous routine? Then, here we have a solution for you. Go Kayaking! Kayaking is no more a new hobby. Thanks to technology, easy access to roads and accurate maps, it has become incredibly easy. Kayaking is a soul-nurturing experience. But you must have a reliable kayak to cherish this experience. Well, there is the Malibu Kayak X 13 that has proven to be safe, secure, and suitable for kayaking.

Although, the price of this kayak is reasonably high but it is not exorbitant. The high pricing is well justified with its quality. A low-quality kayak can pose serious threats to the paddler. Whether you go on kayaking for a recreational purpose or for fishing, this kayak can will be the perfect partner. With a maximum capacity of 450 lbs. and a weight of 60 pounds, this kayak has much more to offer.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Malibu Kayak X13 has an outstanding built and is perfectly suited for experiencing the ethereal trip to the waters
  • This kayak offers an amazing combination of speed and stability
  • Malibu Kayak X3 offers an adjustable foot track system to give more comfort and control to the paddler
  • This kayak offers an amazing feature for fishing lovers. There are two rod holders both on the left and the right side so you may enjoy fishing at its fullest
  • The kayak X13 also features a large gator hatch with a bungee system. This large gator hatch works as an additional benefit
  • The hull storage of Malibu Kayak X13 has large and spacious hull storage
  • It also has side carry handles, drain plug with base and a center hatch

Why this might be the Kayak for you:

The benefit of investing in Malibu Kayak X13 is not only a matter of gaining physical benefits. Kayaking itself is a soul nourishing experience. Therefore, Malibu Kayak X13 has been built keeping in mind the peace and serenity paddlers ask for. This sit on top kayak features cup holders, eyelets, rod, nylon hooks, gator hatch, etc to enhance the kayaking experience. All these features make kayak X13 an investment you should not resist.


  • This kayak’s features a strong body to ensure safety as well as security
  • The Malibu kayak X13 comes in an amazingly sophisticated color of the stone
  • This kayak is well made with maximum attention to details
  • Yet another benefit of this kayak is gator hatch that makes it easy for parents to bring on their child for this experience
  • The cockpit area of Malibu Kayak X13 is amazingly wide to ensure that paddler doesn’t feel confined
  • The seating of this kayak is comfortable, spacious and cozy to take your kayaking experience to yet another level
  • This outstanding kayak is very steady, stable, and smooth on harsh waters as well
  • The length of this kayak is 13 feet and 10 inches while the depth is 13 inches


  • Malibu Kayak is not resistant to any holes scratched by your pet if you bring it on for kayaking. Therefore, it is better safe than sorry
  • This kayak allows a maximum weight of 450 lbs. only

Final thoughts:

Malibu Kayaks X Caliber is a great kayak if you are looking for a kayak that can carry multiple people and still be used for fishing and recreation.

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