Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak

November 17, 2015

Skimmer 140 Tandem Kayak

Various kayaks are available in the market for different purposes and each purpose makes them unique in their own way. The Skimmer Series comprises of distinctive kayaks that possess a balance of both performance and beauty, which makes them enjoyable on both calm and fast-moving waters.Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler Tandem kayak is one of the best kayaks in the Skimmer series. This is a High-end kayak made of Trylon, so it is 25% lighter than kayaks made from Roto-Molded plastic. Kayaks made of Trylon are fast, stable and have great tracking speed. Moreover, Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak is designed and manufactured to give the paddlers an adventurous and thrilling experience.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak is a sit on top Kayak
  • It is completely rigid
  • With a 3-pound anchor, it weighs only 58 pounds
  • A lighter Kayak means less hassle getting it off the racks to the water, more efficient paddling, and more fun
  • It includes five rails by Yak Attack and a Bazooka Tube rod holder so there are plenty of fittings for lights, rods and for your GoPro
  • Trylon makes this boat a beauty to handle not just in the water, but also on dry land
  • Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak is more rigid than polyethylene boats, which are less flexible and pose difficulties in moving efficiently through water
  • Paddling is smooth as the material used in the manufacturing of Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak reduces water surface friction on the hull
  • Moreover, it is designed for serious paddling and the outfitting opportunities of the kayak will greatly delight the anglers
  • The airstream seats of the kayak adjust front to back and up to down, so your body does not get stiff
  • This kayak also has two plastic handles that make it easy to carry to and from the water's edge
  • Two scupper holes offer easy egress points for incoming water
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • Length: 14’
  • Width: 29.5”

Why this might be the Kayak for you:

Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak is best for fishers due to its lightweight and smart tracking, which allows the anglers to catch the fishes in bulk and that too in no time.

The Rudder option in this kayak improves tracking in winds and currents, compared to other kayaks. Furthermore, two scuppers make paddling easier by keeping the foot well dry.

The sit on top seating feature gives you a pleasurable experience with style as well as performance. Moreover, the Trylon used in the making of this kayak gives it a nice, bright, and shiny finish.


  • Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler DLX Kayak is one of the lightest kayaks available in the market, which makes this kayak best for the anglers
  • Drain scuppers keep you dry throughout your stay in the kayak
  • While paddling in the wind and currents, you can enhance your performance with a rudder kit
  • You can lift this kayak by yourself without any instruments
  • With a full-sized bow hatch and stern recess, there is plenty of room for stashing gear
  • The comfortable and adjustable padded seat provides comfort for hours
  • Gives you a stable, fast and dry ride
  • The kayak is designed with comfortable, low seat-pan that helps you sit firmly
  • Tracks great, handles big water with ease
  • A small hatch between your legs is very handy to store your personal stuff such as keys, wallet, mobile, etc. However, a larger round hatch provides the ability to store bulky items in the hull
  • Offers great value for money


  • Hatches might be small for longer trips
  • Its lightweight may sometimes be a disadvantage especially in the very strong winds
  • Only available in silver color

Final thoughts:

This is a great kayak if you are looking for a kayak that can carry multiple people and still be used for fishing and recreation.

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