Oru Kayak BayST Folding Lightweight Kayak Review

November 17, 2015

Oru Kayak BayST Folding Portable Lightweight Kayak review

Kayaking is not merely a hobby. Instead, it involves the science-related information and itself is an art. From getting into the kayak to paddling it and keeping a balance while you watch the sunrise and sunset behind the meadows, is not an easy job. An average or low-quality kayak is at high risk of tipping over in the water. However, with the new technologies, there have been several features that have been introduced in the kayaks to maximize safety, security, and entertainment simultaneously. If you have never got on a kayak, you have probably missed a great deal of fun and memories. One of the premium quality sit-in kayaks available is that of Bay kayak by Oru Kayak manufactured in Southern California.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Bay Kayak is very durable with double-layered marine-grade polypropylene and comes in bright white color
  • It has an amazing box-to-boat unfolding and assembling time of 5 minutes only, making it flexible and portable
  • Another key feature of this Bay Kayak lies in its ability to easily be folded and carried into the trunk of a standard car
  • This Bay kayak comes with a pair of bulkheads to add more to its rigidity and durability
  • It features a lightweight of 40.3 pounds making it easy to carry along
  • It also has a maximum useful life of manufacturer-rated 20,000 folds cycles
  • It has a reinforced cockpit of 16” X 30” for comfortability
  • Bay Kayak by Oru Kayak is highly stable on slow and rough waves

Why this might be the Kayak for you:

Kayaking has been adopted as part of meditation by some. The reason behind this is the therapy of mind and body that one receives paddling in the lake or river while the trees cast shadows upon you. This kayak offers comfortable and fully adjustable seating with backrest equally adjustable as well. The footrests are adjustable too to give more control and comfort to the paddler. The kayak paddles on the rivers like a graceful swan.


  • The box can be converted into a kayak in just five minutes
  • The double-layered polypropylene is highly durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Portability gives it a competitive edge over other kayaks. It can be easily folded into a carrying box itself
  • Bay kayak has a single-seam construction making its folding and unfolding easier and quicker. The only seem to be found is at the top, above the waterline
  • The size of this kayak is only 12 feet and dimensions are 29 x 13 x 33 inches
  • The seating is filled with foam and is adjustable
  • The Bay kayak has rubber deck straps for extra gear storage


  • Bay Kayak by Our Kayak can only accommodate one person at a time
  • The weight limit of this Kayak is only 300 lbs. making it difficult for bulky people to be comfortable in it
  • This Kayak sacrifices durability for portablilty and as such should not be taken into rocky or extremely shallow waters as damage could result

Final thoughts:

If going on the the grid and taking your fishing to the extreme Our BayST could be the kayak for you it can be taken anywhere you can carry it.

5/5 (1 Review)

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